Ignite, Discover, Integrate, Evolve

MuSings is a health and wellness service that values and supports creativity as an essential human quality to be fostered in the service of greater awareness, effectiveness and life satisfaction. We offer individual therapy (including counselling/psychotherapy) and also value privacy, confidentiality and respect as a container for growth, learning and healing.

At muSings, Cherie Baxter utilises the modality of music and imagery (and/or Guided Imagery and Music) and related practices such as reflection, inquiry, meditation, mindfulness and drawing.


Clients participate for many reasons, some of which include:

  • stress reduction and relaxation
  • developing emotional resilience and intelligence
  • healing of past hurts or trauma
  • breaking the cycle of negative family patterns, improving relationships
  • enabling “time out” to connect with strengths and values
  • to avoid burnout in caring professions and roles
  • to learn about integral theory, practice and applications
  • developing leadership capacity

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