About Us

Cherie Baxter is the director and primary staff of muSings. She works with other therapists, integral practitioners and guest facilitators to offer premium and diverse services.

Cherie has worked as a music therapist (since 1992, Registered Music Therapist with the Australian Music Therapy Association) and as a music and imagery therapist (Registered Guided Imagery and Music Therapist with the Music and Imagery Association of Australia) since 2005. She has provisional membership with the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia. Her training was undertaken at the University of Melbourne, and includes a Bachelor’s degree (music), Graduate Certificate (palliative care) and Graduate Diploma (Guided Imagery and Music). She has been a long term integral and holistic practitioner, including leadership roles in the Integral Enlightenment community (since 2011) and certification as an Integral Semantics Facilitator.